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MACS Board of Directors

服务 & Repair Board Directors

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Caroline Acebedo

MACS Treasurer

Vice 总统, Co-Owner, Director of Operations

Marks Air, Inc.

Caroline grew up in this industry (literally—she’s been around this since she was in a playpen). At the beginning of 2000, she started as a full-time member of the Marks Air team, 这是一个只提供空调服务的商店,同时在全球范围内销售空调配件. 在此之前,她的经验主要集中在客户服务和客户体验上. She currently serves on the advisory board for Erwin Technical College and the Diesel Program for Hillsborough Community College. 她也是609学监,并已在MACS董事会任职5年.

卡洛琳是一个足球妈妈,有两个十几岁的女儿,她喜欢运动, 瑜伽, 星球大战, Beastie Boys, good conversations, 海滩, motivating others and learning. She’s also a history nerd and book worm. 披萨, red wine and guacamole are some of her major weaknesses (though not normally all at the same time). 在卡罗琳喜欢的所有东西中,微笑是她最喜欢的.


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MACS Secretary

Owner of Car Repair Company in Scottsdale, AZ.

吉姆从事汽车行业已有40年,是汽车修理公司的老板, which opened in 1980.  Along with providing excellent service to the public, 他还参与了汽车制造商的耐久性测试, product evaluations and brand management shows. He’s served on the Better Business Bureau board of directors and chairperson for the automotive advisory committee. He’s worked with the local television stations for consumer car care and was the Saturday Morning Car Guy on the NBC Phoenix affiliate.

Jim’s happily married with two boys and three dogs. 他喜欢开快车,毕业于多所高性能驾校. Along with his daily drivers, 他有几辆老爷车(总共六辆)——他的保险公司很喜欢他!) Besides cars, he and his family also loves to spend time on their boat at the lakes in Arizona.

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安德鲁·R. Fiffick

MACS Chairman

Founder and CEO

Rad Air Complete Car Care & 轮胎中心

A life-long “gear-head”, Andrew’s career started at the early age of six, 当他帮父亲在车库工作时,他爱上了汽车. His dad was a diesel truck mechanic and taught him to do things right the first time—a lesson he learned well and practices to this day. 他就读于林肯技术学院和鲍德温华莱士营销学院. He’s now the 总统 & 首席执行官Rad空气完全汽车护理和轮胎中心以及克利夫兰混合动力, which has ten service centers in the Cleveland, 哦,区域.

He loves boating, 哈利和他的妻子艾丽莎一起骑马,和他们的两个女儿一起享受时光, son-in-law and three grandchildren. He’s now served on the MACS board for 17 years.

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Iezzi’s Auto 服务

As the 5th generation, 蒂姆的家族在汽车行业有着悠久的历史. His grandfather Jerry opened Iezzi’s Auto 服务 in 1960. As of 2011, Tim became the co-owner and the third-generation family owner of his grandfather’s shop. He currently has 17 years of experience specializing in A/C, electrical and drivability repair. He obtained his B.S. 机械工程专业以优异成绩毕业于伊丽莎白敦学院, 日月光半导体CMAT, L1, L2, L3. 此外,他还是MACS和Carquest技术学院的讲师. This is Tim’s first year being on the MACS board.

Distributor Board Directors

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Tray Carlisle


Carlisle Air & 汽车

1987年,12岁的我第一次参加了MACS大会. 我拥有32年以上的365电竞足球比分空调业务服务经验, installation, and parts 销售 and distribution. My grandfather started our family shop, Carlisle Air & 汽车, in 1955 in San Antonio, TX, where it became a leading automotive A/C specialty company. While growing up in the family business, I’ve done every job available from the time I was a young boy to today—where I currently serve as 总统. 今天, Carlisle Air & 汽车 has three service facilities and two warehouse distribution centers servicing south Texas. We’ve been MACS members since 1984. This is my first year serving on the board.

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A/C Product Manager and A/C Catalog Manager

1-800 Radiator & A/C

在汽车空调行业拥有超过40年的经验. Troy had an early interest in cars, 在SLC的a - r - a分销商开始了他的职业生涯, Utah at 13 years of age. 1983年晋升为配件经理,并开始全职工作. “当时的情况要简单一些,我们有6种不同的压缩机库存. 库存跟踪是根据手写的商店发票对卡片库存进行的。. 1993年,特洛伊受雇于J-mac散热器公司,建立一个空调部件分销商项目, and was soon promoted as general manager. 到2003年,该公司已经在8个不同的州开设了13家分店. 成功的关键被归因于其中之一的发展st 将电子目录和物流与“正确地做”(Do It Right the)结合起来st Time” compressor kits. 目前的职责包括保修分析和跟踪, 与制造商层面的供应商合作,提供最优质的零部件, and maintaining the A/C Catalog. Personal interests include landscaping, 高尔夫球, 和武术的黑带排名已经实现了2种形式.

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Mark Schmitz

Product Development

Global Parts Distributors

After the birth of his first son in 1981, Mark began his career in the automotive industry with a family-owned accessories and A/C installation business—Truck Air Corporation—in Fort Worth, TX. 他拥有科学和经济财富分配硕士学位. After 13 years of experience in the A/C parts business and growing his family (now six children), 他接受了梅肯全球零部件分销商(GPD)的一个职位, GA. Twenty-six years later, he’s proud to say he’s been a part of GDP’s growth and has now been on the MACS board for 11 years.

He广告hot of Steve


MACS Vice Chairman

Vice 总统

Sunair Products

Steve的职业生涯始于1984年的手机空调行业,当时Sunair成立. He graduated from Texas Tech University and feels blessed to have worked with people from all backgrounds in the industry. Even though it looks a little different today, 365电竞足球比分空调行业仍然是一个可以获得终生成功的地方. 他出色的妻子艾格尼丝和儿子克里斯托弗让他忙碌和娱乐.

He广告hot of Jim

James Hittman

CTO (MACS Past Chairman)

Badger Truck Refrigeration

James has been working in the A/C and Refrigeration business in different capacities for 48 years, working with Mack Truck, 赫兹的卡车, Thermo King Corp. and Badger Truck Refrigeration. He earned his B.S. in Power Mechanics from the University of Wisconsin Stout. 他现在是SAE重型气候控制标准委员会的积极成员. He’s been on the MACS board for eight years and enjoys living, fishing and hunting in Wisconsin.

Manufacturer Board Directors

He广告hot of Ryan

瑞安一. 贝克

Division 服务 Manager

Environmental Products

graduated from Minnesota State University in 1986 with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, 市场营销, management and finance.  After college, he moved to Missouri to partner with a childhood friend to open bicycle retail stores in Jefferson City and Columbia, MO. Wanting to be closer to family, he and his family moved to southern Minnesota in 1994 where he began work at Eagle Engineering, a small HVAC systems manufacturer in Welcome, MN. Leaving Eagle Engineering, he accepted a position as division service manager of environmental products at Vermeer in Pella, Iowa in 1997.

Wishing to return to the off-road HVAC industry, 1998年,他接受了Red Dot公司的OEM客户经理职位. After working for 22 years at Red Dot both in the OEM sector and lastly as the director of aftermarket 销售, Ryan目前担任Sanz Clima/Kenway Engineering在费尔蒙特的销售副总裁, MN.

Ryan explains,”I have been a MACS member since 2004, 多年来进行了许多MACS365电竞比分和EPA第609节365电竞比分课程.

My hobbies are spending time with family, tending our rural property in southern Minnesota, 运行, martial arts and study of military history and leadership. 我是当地学区三届教育委员会成员, 他是一位教会长老,也是商业车辆研究委员会的前成员, an HDMA-affiliated group.  I would welcome the opportunity to serve on the MACS board.”

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Alan Leupold

Technical Consultant

Bergstrom Climate Controls Systems in Rockford, Ill.

艾伦于1971年毕业于瓦尔帕莱索大学,获得BSME学位. 两年后,他的工程生涯开始于测试实验室的IH. 2012年,他从CNH“退休”,担任暖通系统设计全球经理. 同年,他还成为了伯格斯托姆公司的测试和开发总监. He’s a past chairman of both an ASABE and SAE Committee. He holds 14 patents for Off Road HVAC systems and was proud to receive the MACS Pioneer award in 2009. He’s now been on the MACS board for six years.

He enjoys being actively involved in community service, where he’s the Junior Achievement advisor, Plainfield Jaycees 总统, youth soccer and girls softball coach and trustee for Plainfield Foundation of Excellence for Schools as well as being the township trustee for eight years.  He and his wife Penny have enjoyed 48 years of marriage. They’re the proud parents of Emily and Kimberly and love spending time with their three grandchildren. 他们也喜欢划船,享受温暖的海洋假期. 艾伦的个人爱好包括收集越来越多的农场玩具.


Charlie Roberts

Director of Sales

T/CCI Manufacturing LLC

With 28 years in the industry behind him, Charlie brings almost three decades of knowledge and experience specifically from the A/C compressor business. He obtained his BBA in Business from Stephen F. 奥斯汀州立大学,他在MACS董事会工作了六年.

He广告hot of Tim


Senior Product Manager

Bosch 汽车 服务 Solutions

Tim has been a part of Bosch since 2006, beginning his career in the product management field managing the design and 市场营销 of leak detection, 诊断, and portable recovery products. In 2009 he was promoted to Senior Product Manager responsible for the complete line of Robinair A/C service products sold for both the automotive and HVAC service industries. In his position today, 他负责整个产品生命周期的产品规划和执行, 包括:收集并确定产品和客户需求的优先级, 定义产品愿景并与工程人员紧密合作, 销售, 市场和支持,确保收入和客户满意度目标的实现. He provides industry education routinely in North America, as well as internationally for A/C service products. Tim also holds a BA in 汽车 Engineering from Minnesota State University and an MBA in Marketing from St. Thomas University in St. Paul, Minnesota.

Tim maintains and continually seeks new relationships with government and industry regulatory agencies, OEM’s providing expertise on refrigerant recovery products and technology and a variety of distribution partners and resellers. 今天, he’s continually looking for new ways to help make service technicians more effective in accurately diagnosing and servicing both mobile and stationary air conditioning systems. Tim has served on the MACS board for two years.